Slides: Tidyverse – the hidden revolution sweeping the R universe!

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing the magic of The Tidyverse at the Intelligent Cloud Conference here in Copenhagen. This blog post is a short introduction to my talk – and also contains a link to the slides I showed during the presentation. They’re all made with R, of course.


In just a few years a suite of clever R packages commonly known as “The Tidyverse” has almost by it’s own smashed the steep learning curve that previously made R so hard on newcomers and data science experts alike.

This talk introduces the “Tidyverse”, from it’s early roots as an academic pamphlet urging for the importance of “Tidy Data”, to the irresistable force of nature it has become today.

During the talk the most important packages of the suite will be introduced and pinned to where they belong in the simple but powerful workflow that is also an important part of “the tidyverse way” of doing data science.

All focused on the vast amount of data wrangling that is the evil basis of all data analysis. Expect tips, tricks, inspiration and background that is relevant not just for people already married to R.

Conference Info

The Intelligent Cloud Conference 2018 Cph
Day 1 – AI / Data Science Track – session 5 – 16:30-17:30

See the slides at RPubs or download as pdf

Click image to see the slides at

Download “Tidyverse – the hidden revolution sweeping the R universe” tidyverse_icc_2018.pdf – 8.87 MB

Niels Ole Dam

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