Stuff Things in Flow can help you with

The credo for Things in Flow is “New Skills for a Digital World”, which covers a broad range of activities, all with the common purpose of helping to create efficient task flows in a chaotic workday – both personally and professionally.

Some of the current activities of the company are:

  • Interviewing teams and individuals about their current workflow and the possible changes they would like to see to it.
  • Mapping and visualization of the discovered workflows.
  • Reporting of the above, i.e. as reports, seminars or personal debriefings etc.
  • Help with the sharing of the collected knowledge, typically using digital tools.
  • Counseling regarding improvment of the current workflows.
  • Help with the researching of tools for these workflows (both digital and non-digital).
  • Help with the setup, training and use of these tools.
  • Coaching and counseling regarding personal productivity.
  • Coaching and counseling regarding use of flow techniques.
  • Facilitation of meetings.
  • Explorative data analysis and visualisation based on client or customer data.
  • Counseling regarding analysis of large amounts of data, i.e. client or customer data.
  • Introduction to the use of advanced tools for data analysis, i.e. R, Disco and ProM.
  • Seminars, meetups and talks regarding the subjects mentioned above.
  • Blogging and/or article writing regarding the subjects mentioned above.

Sounds interesting?

Then just go ahead and contact Niels Ole Dam to book for an informal talk.